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Relocations for elderly

Relocating elderly/seniors, dependants and disabled people has more to it than the usual private relocation. It usually is a very emotional event, which at specific moments deserves extra attention. Moreover, it is nice to know that every detail has been taken care of.   Drenth Verhuizingen will ensure that you experience as little nuisance as possible during the relocation, and is able to prepare your new house entirely. With preparing your house we mean that the tables are covered by their table cloths, your bed has been made and your television has been programmed. We'll have done more than you could think of. It will be exactly as you're used to, except on a different location.

Everything can be discussed. For example, you could consider us assisting you with: 

  • Arranging the furniture in your new house;
  • Sorting out and marking the items which should be relocated;
  • Storing the items which don't have to be relocated;
  • Packing all items which should be relocated;
  • Disassembling, packing and assembling the large pieces of furniture, wardrobes and valuable items such as clocks and lights;
  • Obviously, securely relocating the items specified by you;
  • Demounting lights, paintings, curtains and window decorations;
  • Ensuring that your new house is ready to live in;
  • Preparing your old house based on the the landlord's requirements;
  • Sending out address change notifications;
  • All other wishes you may have.

If you want to relocate without any stress, you choose Drenth Verhuizingen! Request a free copy of our special brochure with relocation tips for elderly.

For more information or a non-committal appointment, please call+31(0)294 - 251 200orsend us a message. We would love to visit you.